Ugh, the beauty. It’s the kind of music where at least once a song I feel my chest quiver just a little bit, or tears feel like they could flow. It is so beautiful. I heard a few of their songs on The Current and I really liked all of them, so I bought the album. It’s inventive, extremely creative and like I keep saying, just so beautiful. I don’t know much about their musical path, but they’ve really found their way to an incredible musical place. 

I think I admire it so much because I feel like I strive to do something similar to what they’re doing, not like copying their sound or sounding at all similar to them. But they, very successfully, leave room for expansive beauty while creating the parts that make up the song. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it’s not an easy thing to do. As I’ve been writing lately, I’ve tried to let the sounds just be the sounds I’m making. I’m trying not to strive for a distinct ending or even beginning to a song. I know that will come in the studio, but it’s my job right now to find the beauty that is most definitely there in my writing. Let the beauty be just the –THE BEAUTY.  

It’s this combination of musicianship and courage. That is what I am finding to be truth for me. It’s putting in the hard work to be able to play the parts that come as well as possible combined with the courage of spirit to know that the song is greater than any specific parts that I or anyone else writes. 

Thoughts for today……….ALT-J — check them out. You won’t be disappointed.



  1. Jeff Snider

    Hey guys it’s Jeff Snider, LONG TIME!!! Amazing to see how good you guys are doing! Anyways I was just checking out your website today and I saw this post on ALT-J. I’m actually going to be working their shows in NYC this weekend. I was surprised to see you make mention of them here. I’ve never heard them before but I’ll definitely be checking them out with an additional layer of interest upon reading your praises of them!! I really do hope you guys are doing great. Much Love!!!

    • theericksonsmusic

      So good to hear from you! What kind of work are you doing? Very cool that you’ll be working their shows. I’ve been loving their music lately. Yes, we are doing very well and working harder than ever.
      Sending lots of love your way.

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