There are days, stretches of time, seasons when the business/busyness of life grabs me and won’t put me down.  It always makes me feel homesick.  This homesickness creeps in anytime things have been too nuts and I haven’t written music, or sat in a room with Bethany and played something, anything.  To sit and feel silent long enough for something to come out.  The days of playing music together every night in our Brooklyn apartment are definitely gone.  We have different homes, spaces, lives- but the music is always there.  It waits for us; it’s very patient.  We are both writing, writing a lot and new songs are emerging.  Bethany’s sound so different, energized and pure to me.  I listen and feel so thankful for them.  We’ve been playing music together for seven years and change, but every new song makes me feel as free and open as the first songs did.  I’m like a kid again.  We’ve been able to sit in a room and play a lot this week.  It is the best place to be.  In Brooklyn, in Minneapolis, in St. Peter – it is home.  

We’re playing a show this Friday at the Aster Cafe.  It’ll be just the two of us.  We’re gonna play some of these new ones for you.  It feels fresh, exciting, deliberate and new.  I hope you can come.  It’ll feel just like home.


Rockwood Music Hall – 2008 – heads together


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