The Ericksons Sing Silent Night for Charity plus Holiday Sale!

Greetings!  December in Minnesota – Snow is falling outside my window in a perfect steady stream.  I wanted to share a few things we are doing surrounding this holiday season.  After years of family and friends urging us to record a holiday song, we finally got in to the studio and recorded a sweet, simple version of “Silent Night.”   It is available for download HERE and all proceeds go directly to the local charity Children’s Home Society of Minnesota.  Listen, donate, love!  Donate $2 or as much as you’d like.

Also this month we are offering a special holiday sale.  Get any combination of 3 Ericksons merchandise items for $25.  All sale details are located through this LINK.

theericksons2-2 Happy Holidays,

The Ericksons



  1. nkapernick

    LOVE IT!! Great idea for a great charity! Donated and downloaded 🙂 Make a whole album now of Christmas songs 🙂

    love you both Nancy

  2. DRisgaard

    Love The Ericksons …..always have….always will!! And their sister too. This is so typical of their family….always doing for others!! Happy Holidays. To all a Silent Night! DR

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