The Ericksons make “Best Minnesota Albums of the Year (so far)” list!

We’re so happy to be on this list with the likes of local greats, Low, Dessa, and the Replacements.  

Read the whole article by the Star Tribune’s Chris Riemenschneider HERE.



Rain Check


Our Northrop show with Chastity Brown and Southwire was interrupted by an insane storm. When the rains came, I grabbed the guitars and Jenny grabbed the mics.


There are days, stretches of time, seasons when the business/busyness of life grabs me and won’t put me down.  It always makes me feel homesick.  This homesickness creeps in anytime things have been too nuts and I haven’t written music, or sat in a room with Bethany and played something, anything.  To sit and feel silent long enough for something to come out.  The days of playing music together every night in our Brooklyn apartment are definitely gone.  We have different homes, spaces, lives- but the music is always there.  It waits for us; it’s very patient.  We are both writing, writing a lot and new songs are emerging.  Bethany’s sound so different, energized and pure to me.  I listen and feel so thankful for them.  We’ve been playing music together for seven years and change, but every new song makes me feel as free and open as the first songs did.  I’m like a kid again.  We’ve been able to sit in a room and play a lot this week.  It is the best place to be.  In Brooklyn, in Minneapolis, in St. Peter – it is home.  

We’re playing a show this Friday at the Aster Cafe.  It’ll be just the two of us.  We’re gonna play some of these new ones for you.  It feels fresh, exciting, deliberate and new.  I hope you can come.  It’ll feel just like home.


Rockwood Music Hall – 2008 – heads together


Ugh, the beauty. It’s the kind of music where at least once a song I feel my chest quiver just a little bit, or tears feel like they could flow. It is so beautiful. I heard a few of their songs on The Current and I really liked all of them, so I bought the album. It’s inventive, extremely creative and like I keep saying, just so beautiful. I don’t know much about their musical path, but they’ve really found their way to an incredible musical place. 

I think I admire it so much because I feel like I strive to do something similar to what they’re doing, not like copying their sound or sounding at all similar to them. But they, very successfully, leave room for expansive beauty while creating the parts that make up the song. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it’s not an easy thing to do. As I’ve been writing lately, I’ve tried to let the sounds just be the sounds I’m making. I’m trying not to strive for a distinct ending or even beginning to a song. I know that will come in the studio, but it’s my job right now to find the beauty that is most definitely there in my writing. Let the beauty be just the –THE BEAUTY.  

It’s this combination of musicianship and courage. That is what I am finding to be truth for me. It’s putting in the hard work to be able to play the parts that come as well as possible combined with the courage of spirit to know that the song is greater than any specific parts that I or anyone else writes. 

Thoughts for today……….ALT-J — check them out. You won’t be disappointed.