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ANIMAL — new single!

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In their new single, Animal, The Ericksons introduce electro-pop instrumentation to their mystical songwriting and ethereal vocal harmonies. The Minneapolis-based, indie-folk duo gives their arresting sound a fun new twist through their collaboration with the production team of Sean Carey (Bon Iver, S. Carey), and Ben Lester (Field Report, A.A. Bondy, S. Carey). This inventive new single evokes light, hope, and strength, and represents an evolution of sound from The Ericksons that will be enjoyed this summer and beyond.
released 24 July 2013
Bethany Valentini – vocals, keyboard
Jenny Kapernick – vocals
Ben Lester – pedal steel, keyboard, guitar, percussion
Sean Carey – vocals, percussion
Produced by Sean Carey and Ben Lester
Artwork by Sarah Thorson
Mixed by Zach Hanson
Mastered by Huntley Miller


Gone Blind

The time has come to begin sharing singles off of our upcoming release, The Wild. Gone Blind is the first single and has been set to video by Eliza Cate Lynard from our recording session at April Base Studios. Download Gone Blind for free by going to our music page, entering $0 and then your email address.