The Ericksons Sing Silent Night for Charity plus Holiday Sale!

Greetings!  December in Minnesota – Snow is falling outside my window in a perfect steady stream.  I wanted to share a few things we are doing surrounding this holiday season.  After years of family and friends urging us to record a holiday song, we finally got in to the studio and recorded a sweet, simple version of “Silent Night.”   It is available for download HERE and all proceeds go directly to the local charity Children’s Home Society of Minnesota.  Listen, donate, love!  Donate $2 or as much as you’d like.

Also this month we are offering a special holiday sale.  Get any combination of 3 Ericksons merchandise items for $25.  All sale details are located through this LINK.

theericksons2-2 Happy Holidays,

The Ericksons

Vote for THE WILD

20131115_local_poll_2013_91In the beginning of 2013 Bethany and I released THE WILD. We are so proud of it and have had an amazing year playing these songs live all over the Twin Cities and the Midwest. I can’t believe this year is coming to a close.   89.3 The Current is running a poll of the TOP LOCAL RELEASES of 2013.  The Wild is being considered. Please take a moment to vote for The Wild as one of the TOP LOCAL RELEASES. We are in the ‘T’ section on the list! We’re so thankful for you and all the support we’ve received this year!  VOTE HERE!

Much Love,

presenting our Daytrotter Session

We traveled to Rock Island, Illinois a month and a half ago and recorded four songs for the world renowned Daytrotter blog.  All three songs are their own unique versions of the original.  We recorded a live version of our summer single ANIMAL, an acoustic version of Forever, a sweet Gone Blind and a BRAND NEW song BORDERLINE!  To listen, click on this link and then log in.  You shouldn’t have to pay to listen, but you might have to sign-in.   We’re really proud to have this out in the world.


ANIMAL — new single!

Click HERE for a free download!

In their new single, Animal, The Ericksons introduce electro-pop instrumentation to their mystical songwriting and ethereal vocal harmonies. The Minneapolis-based, indie-folk duo gives their arresting sound a fun new twist through their collaboration with the production team of Sean Carey (Bon Iver, S. Carey), and Ben Lester (Field Report, A.A. Bondy, S. Carey). This inventive new single evokes light, hope, and strength, and represents an evolution of sound from The Ericksons that will be enjoyed this summer and beyond.
released 24 July 2013
Bethany Valentini – vocals, keyboard
Jenny Kapernick – vocals
Ben Lester – pedal steel, keyboard, guitar, percussion
Sean Carey – vocals, percussion
Produced by Sean Carey and Ben Lester
Artwork by Sarah Thorson
Mixed by Zach Hanson
Mastered by Huntley Miller